Positions available:

Postdoctoral fellow (New) 

We are recruiting a talented postdoctoral fellow to join our group at the University of California-Davis to study the structural mechanisms of multi-subunit assemblies that mediate tubulin heterodimer biogenesis and accelerate tubulin polymerization at microtubule ends. Our group also studies the structural mechanisms of mitotic kinesin activation.  Our laboratory combines biochemical characterization, single particle cryo-EM and/or X-ray crystallography, as well as single molecule reconstitution assays to generate understanding of mechanism spanning multiple resolution scales. Our laboratory has well-developed setups for all these approaches.

The UC-Davis BIOEM facility is well-setup for cryo-EM sample preparation, using a Thermofisher Vitrobot and a Leica GP2, and for cryo-EM imaging using an automated Thermofisher 200-KV Glacios microscope equipped with an autoloader and a Gatan K3 direct detector for high throughput data collection (https://bioem.ucdavis.edu/).

The suitable candidate should have a PhD in chemistry, biochemistry or biophysics with training in molecular biology / biochemistry and structure determination expertise either using single particle cryo-EM, and/or X-ray crystallography.

Send inquiries to jmalbassam[at]ucdavis.edu. To apply and access full details of the position at UC Recruit